Character Creation and Progression

The following rules include changes from the 2.5 errata.

Character Creation


  • Players may raise any of their character’s abilities to five without spending bonus points.
  • Players receive four dots of specialities to distribute amongst their abilities.
  • All characters receive an additional 3 background points.
  • Virtues may be purchased for 1 bonus point each, with Virtues no longer being used to calculate Willpower.
  • Willpower begins at 5 and may be increased for 1 point per dot.
  • Characters may start with Willpower + Compassion Intimacies without spending bonus points.
  • When selecting Charms, players may start with any charms they meet the prerequisites for; they are not required to select a certain amount of caste/favoured charms.
  • All characters gain an additional -4 Health Level per dot of permanent Essence they possess.
  • Charms for all Exalts now cost 4 bonus points, or 3 if they’re from a Caste/Aspect/Favoured ability.
  • Raising Essence at character creation now costs 7 bonus points regardless of Exalt type.
  • All characters receive 18 bonus points at character creation.

Alchemical Exalted

  • Alchemical Exalted receive 9/7/5 to spend amongst their attributes, but receive no additional free dots.
  • Alchemical Exalted begin with 12 charms and charm slots.
  • If an Alchemical Exalted starts with the Perfected Lotus Matrix or Man-Machine Weaving Engine charms, he may exchange charm slots on a one-for-one basis with martial arts charms or machine weaving protocols.  He still retains the charms that would normally go into these slots in his panoply.

Dragon Blooded

  • Dragon Blooded characters receive 18 background points (this includes the 3 additional points from above).
  • Dragon Blooded characters start with 14 charms.

Lunar Exalted

  • Lunar exalted get 9/7/5 points to divide between their attributes at character creation, but receive no free favoured dot.
  • Lunar Exalted start with 12 charms/knacks, with a minimum of 4 charms and 4 knacks.



  • Solar, Lunar, Abyssal, Sidereal Exalted and Dragon Blooded no longer need to purchase excellencies. They automatically receive all excellencies for which they meet the prerequisites.
  • Infernal Exalted automatically receive all excellencies for which they meet the prerequisites for both their Caste and Favoured Yozi.  If they want to purchase the excellencies of other Yozis, then they are required to purchase the First Excellency in the normal manner (Ie. A number of times equal to their essence). This then unlocks all the other excellencies of that Yozi for free, although they must continue to purchase further upgrades of the First Excellency as per the original charm progression.
    • Dagruda, the Slayer Caste Infernal Exalted who favours Cecylene, has Essence 2 at character creation. He automatically receives First and Second Malfeas and Cecylene Excellencies for free and need never pay extra XP to purchase them again if he increases his essence.  As play progresses, Dagruda expands his potential, wanting to learn some Adorjan charms.  To buy the First Adorjan Excellency, he needs to purchase this charm a number of times equal to his Essence, so has to purchase it twice.  This purchase then unlocks the rest of Adorjan’s excellencies, and so he automatically also learns the Second Adorjan Excellency too.  When Dagruda raises his Essence to 3, he will automatically learn, at no experience cost, Malfeas, Cecylene and Adorjan Mythos Exultant and Invincibility Technique.  However, he will be required to purchase the First Adorjan Excellency again as a training effect, as per the normal rules for Infernal Excellencies.
  • Alchemical Exalted are regarded as always having the charms First, Second and Third (Attribute) Augmentations for every attribute. This requires no charm slots or installation costs.  They also receive (Essence) Augmentation-only slots for each favoured attribute, and one Augmentation-only slot for every other attribute.  Augmentation-only slots can only be used for augmentation charms and require no installation costs.


  • Purchasing Terrestrial, Celestial, or Solar Circle Sorcery, or. Shadowlands, Labyrinth, or Void Circle Necromancy also grants the relevant countermagic spell.


  • The experience cost for increasing Essence is (7 x current rating) for all characters, regardless of type.
  • All exalts now purchase favoured charms for 8xp and non-favoured charms for 10xp.