A keyword I drummed up mostly in order to replace the idea of attunement motes from the Exalted 2.5 errata. I felt that attunement motes made a bunch of appropriate Abyssal charms totally useless and just seemed like an awkward and silly mechanic. Hopefully this keyword would work better, allowing characters to regain motes, but only once combat has ended, rather than allowing them to essentially fight indefinitely.

Motes regained from a charm with this keyword do not immediately return to the Abyssal’s pool. They are instead stored in his anima, bloating it to higher levels of activity than denoted by his essence usage, for him to devour at a convenient time. When using this ability, it is important to denote whether the motes stolen will be returned to the Abyssal’s Personal or Peripheral pool. Personal motes stolen are stored invisibly in the character’s anima, while any Peripheral motes are added to the number of motes a character has spent in a scene to determine the level of the character’s anima banner.

The motes the character has stored in her anima banner are not accessible to the Abyssal immediately; at the end of the scene where the charm was used, the motes are emptied into the character’s essence pools. Any excess motes are lost. Personal motes dissipate harmlessly into the environment with no visible effects. Excess Peripheral motes cause the character’s anima banner to briefly flash to the iconic level as they are dissipated.