Restricted to Dragon Blooded characters from a Realm or Lookshyan origin

Dragon Blooded characters have access to the background Stipend. This background is representative of the increased resources available to a Dragon Blooded member of the Scarlet Dynasty or one of Lookshy’s Gens.  It provides an effective Resources rating, as described below, but is replenished on a monthly basis; as such a character with a single dot of Stipend could make a Resources 3 purchase, which would reduce their effective Resources to 2, until their next stipend arrives, generally at the start of the next month.  This is rated as follows:

0 dots – Your character receives no stipend from his House or Gens; why is this?  Have you offended an elder of your family, or disgraced yourself in some manner?  Or perhaps you are an outcaste without powerful family.

1 dot – Your family gives you the smallest stipend possible, the bare minimum for a Dynast to survive.  This gives you an effective Resources of 3.

2 dots – Your family considers your a worthy member of its House, but you are yet to do anything of particular moment.  You receive a decent stipend, giving your an effective Resources of 4.

3 dots – Your family is proud to count you among its ranks, and has increased your stipend respectively.  You likely have a reputation, either for some valued craft, or an important deed.  Your effective Resources is 5.

4 dots – You are an important and powerful member of your House.  Likely the head of a minor household or an important member of one of the greater.  Consider what worth you bring to your family for them to have elevated you to such a position.  Who covets your place, and what do you owe other family members?  Regardless, your wealth is almost beyond avarice, granting you an effective Resources of 5, but also allowing you to make a number of Resources 5 purchases a month equal to your permanent Essence rating or Breeding, whichever is higher, as the greatest wealth is afforded to the most powerful of Exalts.

5 dots – You are the head of a great household within a dynastic House, likely one of the contenders for leadership of the House, if such a calling interests you.  You cannot maintain this level of stipend without having some calling of great importance to your House, and constantly being at the beck and call of conniving and whining relatives.  Nevertheless, this level of importance comes with almost unlimited access to the House’s coffers, granting your effective Resources 5, but also allowing you to make a number of Resources 5 purchases equal to your Breeding + permanent Essence rating.